Positive Actions

  • Healthy lifestyle – Exercise , you are what you eat.
  • Stay active.
  • Think – use your brain or loose it.
  • Dress for success.
  • Spoil / reward yourself.
  • Associate with other positive people.
  • Think before speak.
  • Be like a duck towards negative actions/words against you.
  • Appreciate the small things in life .
  • Look out what you can enjoy without spending any money for example look up to the stars during night and be amazed.
  • Give a hug to a loved one – Better than any medicine.
  • Take a deep breath , it is for free.
  • Smile to a stranger and see what happend.
  • Enjoy leisure time without feeling quilty.
  • Do not focus on errors and weak points of others but try to learn from them and appreciate their God-given talents.

and much more to follow


One response to “Positive Actions

  1. Really like your blog. Good motivations and information share with us.
    Good luck with the the blog, will really look up your block every day.

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