Monthly Archives: April 2011

By His Divine Power

So grateful to realize , God has already given me everything I need to live the life He’s called me to. I don’t need to feel stressed out, worried or afraid. I don’t have to wonder if I am “good enough” to receive from God because God’s blessing has nothing to do with my performance. He has already blessed me and given me everything I  need by His divine power!

I am covered by His grace and mercy, and I am empowered to do all He has called me to do!

I shall attack those negative thoughts with the truth by declaring, “I have what it takes; I am well able; and I am equipped by His divine power at work in me!”

Father God, thank You for Your power which is at work in me. Thank You for equipping me and calling me according to Your good purpose. Give me Your strength and peace today. I keep my mind stayed on You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.



Hold on to your peace

Father, thank You for giving me Your peace and strength today.


Find Rest

So thankful that I can find rest for my soul.  This mean we will find peace in our heart wile spending time with our God.