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True Success

True success is not always how we define it. I will force myself to focus on all the blessings received.  How true is it, when you share your blessings with others you are automatically aware of how much are given by God.


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Weekend away in the Bushveld

In the center of somewhere in nowhere – How unbelievable quiet. Just what we need to be quiet in our minds and rethink life.  We have seen children and husband of my late sister. How much you remind us of her, she would have been so proud of you.  we enjoy your love.  Thanks a lot.

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See Positive Ministries : By Joel and Victoria

Positive about Technology

Sometimes I must stand very still and look around. I am not even so old but I am amazed about how technology emerged over the last few years and with the speed of light.

a Few years back we not even had cellphones, how did we manage without it ?  Now we are able to use smartphones, and not only to phone home (ET) but to browse the internet, receiving emails, SMS and BBM.

Talking about emails – Not so long ago, we have sent telegrams.  Yes if you wanted to send a quick short message (quick), you went to the post office and pay to send a very sort message.  Today you can send as much as you want, any time, any place and very fast all around the world. (and very cheap)

I am very thankful for the era I was born into and to experience Technology, especially on how it emerged.  Thus I am able to compare LP’s (Long play vinyl phonograph record) and cassettes (Music tapes) with CD’s and MP3.

to be continued……..

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Positive Ministries : By Joel and Victoria


Rested and ready to take the bull by the horns. a Short week, off on this Friday as well. Get ready for a family gathering this weekend. Thankful for the rewards of hard work.

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Long Weekend

a New day with birds singing outside – a Nice long weekend to relax and enjoy a movie